9 Facts of Pinworms Transmission to Children to Watch Out for

Pinworm infections are contagious, especially in school-age children. Unfortunately, there are still many parents who do not understand how to transmit this infection, so they cannot protect their children. Pinworm infections initially occur in the intestine. Although worms stay in the body, pinworm eggs can spread through feces, and can live for a long time on the surface of an object outside the body. Facts About Transmission of Pinworms As a parent, you should pay attention to the conditions experienced by children in early anticipation of transmission of pinworms. There are at least 9 facts that need to be known about pinworm transmission, namely: Itching is the main characteristic of intestinal worms Adult pinworms will leave the intestines and lay eggs around the anus. This is the cause of the itching so that the child is difficult to sleep and look restless. Even so, some children do not feel any symptoms when infected. This infection can also be characterized by a r
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